Dr. Bronner’s Magic Castile Liquid Soap

I’m always keen on trying new things, especially when it comes to health & beauty. So when I received these interesting little Mr Bronner’s samples from Birchbox and FeelUnique.com – felt I was obliged to give these a go! I often go by recommendations or stick to the good ol’ trusted products I know, I love and couldn’t live without! – so trying something new, just because I can… is always high on the agenda, particularly when presented in such cute colourful pouches.


Dr Bronner's Castille Liquid Soap Mini Collection

Dr Bronner’s Castile Liquid Soap Mini Collection

With absolutely no prior knowledge of Mr Bronner or this product I could only judge by the box… it’s liquid soap… it’s fair trade and it’s “magic”! I couldn’t help but research what this magic is! Over at Dr Bronner’s website I leant that not only is the base of the soap 100% vegetable goodness (good for the environment/ biodegradable etc.)… but its recommended uses stretch way further than any average hand soap or body wash! Dubbed as the Swiss-army knife” of cleaning, it has multiple suggested uses being: face and body wash, dishes and laundry, window cleaning and brushing teeth! Call me a pessimist but I struggled to digest the idea of using one product for oral hygiene….as well as domestic cleaning.

The Chosen One

Being a big fan of mint, mint tea, mints etc.- 18 – in – 1 Pure Castile Soap was put to the test!

Dr Bronner's Castile Liquid Soap - 18 in 1 Peppermint

Dr Bronner’s Castile Liquid Soap – 18 in 1 Peppermint

The Tests:

Feeling brave and adventurous, I opted for various challenges with this lovely liquid soap and various different used:

Body Wash: Lathered a little when used with a body mit. and 4 5 drops seemed to be enough for a full body cleanse. Not the same experience as with a full lathering shower gel, but definitely left me feeling fresh and cleansed!

Hand Wash: Pleasant experience. Hands felt smooth and soft and acted very much like a good bar of soap.

Dish Wash: Diluted several drops in sink and soaked dishes as normal. You don’t get quite the same “squeaky” clean sparkle as with some branded washing up liquids, but cleaned the dishes nonetheless (with the help of a dish sponge).

Tooth Cleanser: Yes, I even braved this! Although it was a small brush through, as opposed to a full on morning brush! On a personal level -not highly recommended. It may very well clean teeth as necessary, but I just couldn’t get the minty soap taste out of my mouth for a very long time (yes, I know, Dr Bronner does warn us that this will taste like soap)!

The Verdict:

My favourite element of this soap was the smell! A really aromatic, soft peppermint smell that lasted throughout the tasks – so if you love mint this is a definite must have. Dr Bronner didn’t lie when he said this soap could do most things. It really did! Don’t be put off by the price either. It may be a little more than your shower gels and so on… but you only ever need a few drops of Dr Bronner’s Castile Soap – much less than with other products! I may not perhaps be replacing my toothpaste too soon – however, I am a little obsessed with it and this is now my go to hand and body wash! Can’t wait to try the Rose version! Perfect for summer!

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