The Periodic Table – Content Marketing Genius!

Now I’m not one to actively mix work and play (yes, blogging is not work … it’s play), however, when this “content” marketing beauty landed in my inbox courtesy of EConsultancy – I just had to share this with you all. Some may look at this odd looking Periodic Table with a puzzled look, looking for the H, O, Au, Li and more – stop there…. you won’t find it. Whilst science/ chemistry is by no means an obsolete subject (stay in school kids!), this table highlights the beauty of taking something old… and turning it in to something new.

The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

Chris Lake, Director of Content at EConsultancy took it upon himself to compose this a la Period Table style piece, giving us a strong overview of the core elements of content marketing. To many a marketer, old and new, the term ‘content marketing’ is still quite a new idea and there is a struggle to understand its importance within a business – but go ahead and peruse the table … then you’ll see just how important ‘content’ really is. Not only has this made me reminisce on the good old school days (loved a Bunsen burner experiment), but also as a marketer, opened up my eyes to the colourful and amalgamated beauty of what content marketing is all about! #Geek!

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