In Love with Shellac

Hello Shellac! Call me a little behind the times, but I’ve only just discovered Shellac by CND … and I LOVE it! I’d heard about these so called “gel” polishes for quite some time, but always found an excuse as to why it probably wasn’t for me. Sport, constantly wanting different nail colours and work were usually on the list; but recently, after a somewhat unintentional persuation by one of my besties – took the plunge!

Shellac by CND - No. 20 Red Gel Nail Polish

Shellac by CND – No. 20 Red Gel Nail Polish

I had my first manicure several weeks ago and that lasted 2 weeks. The only reason I needed a re-touch was becuase my nails were growing so fast (quickest I’ve ever seen them grow without chipping), that the bare nail line beneath my cuticle was beginning to look a bit silly. No chipped polish, no broken nails, glossier than ever!

For the last two polishes I’ve gone with Shellac shades of red- most recently selecting a shade to match my current favourite day bag by Michael Kors. Once we hit spring I’ll be sure the venture out with my Shellac colour selection. Also keen on trying out other brands such as OPI, Gellish and Gellux. All have various reviews and I have been told that some gel polishes just work better for some nails than other – no real science behind it.  Will keep you posted on my gel polish discoveries. So far I’m thinking … once you go Shellac… you’ll never go back!



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